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LATEST | Read three brand new essays from Sean Harte.

Connexions has a lot of catching up to do with Alphonso Hunter


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Shahid Ashrif offers a critical analysis of anti-oppressive practice.

SYWO will be looking at the roles and responsibilities of different people involved in youth work during September. Would you like to take part?

 Contact our contributors, argue with them, or just contribute an alternative view...well, here's who they are! 

You are welcome to quote authors of material featured on this site. Please reference if you quote anything.

LATEST | How as it for you? At the end of your year at Uni, can you say "it's all good"?

LATEST | Young Men in Leicester discuss their views of youth work, their community and an uneasy relationship with the police.. 

LATEST | Oldham examined by Shahid Ashrif together with a profile on the BNP.

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