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"It doesn't always work out the way you plan...what happens if a young person doesn't come to a group, or if they do and just tell you to "f**k off"?
AND SO BEGAN THE START OF PLACEMENT with a cautious reminder about realism in practice. Silly me - getting wrapped up in all that 'young people love youth workers' junk throughout my second year of study!! Even though I've been working in youth clubs throughout, it took the words of our outgoing practice coordinator at University to cement the true nature of youth work; not everything goes to plan - don't panic if it doesn't and you cannot please all young people at any one time.

I was quite lucky in week one, as nobody spared a thought to tell me to 'f**k off' but I was close to telling myself. Everything I had planned to do in the first week (write the practice plan - 2000 words; visit all the local agencies; develop sustainable relationships; blah, blah) didn't exactly go to plan. Meetings that were timed for an hour, lasted two. Phone calls to set up visits led to none being organised, and as for that practice plan. Silly me! Still, by Thursday night, at nine in the evening, I remembered that I absolutely loved youth work. We had a brilliant session to introduce a new project about 'power' and young people. Well, really it was just a chance for me to test out a couple of games with the group - and I had so much fun. As I walked through the city centre on Friday day time, watching all those people rush around in shirts and ties, I realised that whilst I had not managed to keep to time, get everything done when I had wanted to; at least I was having a laugh...

Highlight of Week One

Playing energetic warm up games with a group of young people on a Thursday night session.

Dim-light of the week

On Friday, I made three cups of coffee - all of which went cold.

Youth Work Activity of the week...

This is an energetic warm up. Get everyone into a big hall, or open space. The group has thirty seconds to touch something red, something blue, two walls, shake three people's hands and then sit down. Can be adjusted as desired - but great fun.



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