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Its always a good sign of growth in a group: When the youth worker wins bowling, no-one bats an eyelid or gets arsey. Which is a shame really.

FIELD PRACTICE II: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE continues apace and with the clock ticking, in a 'towards-close' fashion. Quite sensibly, now is the time where students panic about fulfilling all 80+ sets of criteria that (if ticked off) graduate us from mock-academics to fully-fledged youth workers. 

As I sat down with my 'practice standards' this morning, I searched in vain to find that all important criterion that would vindicate our all-important bowling trip the night before. I really do not want to drag this out too much - but guess who won? Was it the 15 year old Arnold Swatzennegggaaar (I won't even pretend to spell his name) look-a-like? Could it have been Michael "I go to youth club" Jordan"? Or, was it none other than sports-shy Jason Wood? Yes! Correct first time.

But, I really didn't have to search for criteria very long when I realised how valuable even a simple bowling trip can be for presenting the case for youth work. The group who went along to "Hollywood Bowl" (Oh, come on!) were so formed and gelled that they just patted me on the back for the win and congratulated each other for 'team work' and 'team spirit'. These were people from different age groups, with young women who never came to the club and with young men who would intimidate Mike Tyson. 

In fact, the only person who was in any way self-absorbed was, er, me. I was hoping that in future, I would get 'empowered' to manage my ego - this time, by the young people.

With placement drawing to a close, the ego does need a bit of management. I suddenly have to remind myself that these three months of work have been pieces of evidence for the academia again. Just when you feel like a butterfly leaving the cocoon of study and flying into the big, blue sky of practice - its time to retreat again. Its a bit fraudulent really - the magnificence and wonder of those young people, not just on that bowling night - but on most occasions, will now just be another recording, or tick box for your own success.

And so, the final weeks tick by before final assessment. Some of the wackiest things have happened to me on this placement - but one things for sure - I always want to be a youth worker.


88 points. That's 3 half-strikes folks and a steady 9 pin all the way.


Falling over when trying to do the "moonwalk" on a win. Ummm.

Youth Work Activity of the week...

Trust game: Get everyone into a circle and let them face each other's back. After three: ask them to sit down on each others knees. Needs a lot of encouragement and concentration. Doesn't work in 90% of trials: Hilarious stuff.

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