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C o n t e n t s

EDITORIAL Diane Tomlyn: Youth and Community Worker, a tribute.

BRIEFING a review of the journals, newspaper articles and policy developments that concern youth and community work and wider social issues.

SYWO PRACTICE MAGAZINE featuring an interview with Tom Wylie plus a section for placement students.

SYWO THEORY presents articles and essays. This month - check out our debates on citizenship by Shahid Ashrif and Jason Wood.

TALK is the area where anything goes, within reason of course. We want people to tell us where they are from and what they do in our site feedback forum.

BLACK PERSPECTIVES our anti-racist resource centre is continuing to develop. Look out for a plenary by Carlton Howson, together with sharp critical analysis from Shahid Ashrif.

CONTRIBUTE! We need your input and ideas. Its time to start sharing good practice, and celebrating quality youth work.

LINKS Should a strange urge to ever leave the site come over you, make sure you visit one of our recommended links.

MEET THE TEAM We have regular contributors on the site. Here's your chance to get acquainted! 

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