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we have all written of a piece of academic work that could be instantly helpful to other students. maybe we can share how we best write essays/prepare for deadlines etc.

we all do youth work in communities every day but don't seem to talk about it enough. how many times did a piece of work make us smile? how difficult is the reality of empowerment in practice?

it takes just five minutes of your time to share your work, ideas, suggestions with student youth work online. why not give it a try?

Contributing to Student Youth Work Online is easy and painless - guaranteed*. Simply contact us, telling us about an essay you'd like to publish here, or a piece of work you did with young people you just want the world to know about, and we'll do the rest.

*Guarantee excludes any damage you may do to yourself when you look upon your contributions on screen, in amazement, for more than five hours.

You can email us on:

Or give Jason a call on:

(+44) 07904 554 538






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