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Talk: Use our message boards for discussing practice issues or university problems...

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Contact us for a chat: Tell us how your placement is going

Activities, ideas and resources for work with young people.

DRAMA GUIDE The planning notes for a seven week drama groupwork project. Can be used in any centre-based setting. Needs the ACTIVITY NOTES in order to do the games.

YOUTHWORK LINKS AND IDEAS This is an external site that provides a vast library of stuff - including games and activities, plus a directory of youth work organisations.

Resources and information for students doing a placement or field practice.

TALK ABOUT YOUR PLACEMENT Don't ever be shy in seeking advice, experience and expertise from other students. Use our message boards to give and gain valuable insight.

PLANNING MODELS (APIE) Guidance on how to prepare a planning model based on the APIE method. See also NAOMIE planning model guidance.

PLANNING MODELS (NAOMIE) Guidance on how to prepare a planning model based on the NAOMIE method. See also APIE planning model guidance.

RECORDINGS Advice on what you could include in a placement recording in order to get a wide report of your work. 

REPORTERS! Why not tell us about your placement?

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For any further information, or if you think something should be added, please EMAIL US. Please contribute your own work as this helps us to have as many perspectives, case-studies and experiences as possible...

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