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Theory | Groups and Groupwork

Groups: testing your group work understanding

Practice Based Exercise

This exercise has been designed for you to begin to look at how groups operate within your everyday practice. As you begin to understand the theory of groups and groupwork, this is a good time to look at the links with your practice.

1. Make a recording of...

  • Your understanding of how groups work (e.g. models of group life)

  • What that means in terms of how you operate as a youth worker in these situations

2. Make observations about a group of young people you are working within your work setting, or a social group that you are part of. Based on your understanding of roles and group dynamics, try to analyse the roles and relationships in this environment.

3. Make a 'power map' of your centre/project/social group. Who is in charge? Who are the  leaders and who are the important groups. In this analysis, you should include everything from management committees through to youth workers and young people.

4. Add notes about where you think the group is at in terms of Tuckman's analysis. Are they truly formed, still storming a bit. Are the roles clear or is there some confusion?

If you have a go at this exercise, let me know! Jason (

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