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Key Text Banks, S. (Ed.) (1999) 
Ethical Issues in Youth Work 
London: Routledge


ETHICAL ISSUES IN YOUTH WORK takes up a range of issues that face practitioners everyday of their professional practice. The authors in the book (many of the usual suspects: Jeffs & Smith, Banks, Young) tackle and dissect ethical considerations and relate them to practice throughout. This is a good text for the duration of study and I'm sure you'll quote from it for essays spanning the theory and practice of youth work through to research methods. Of particular mention is Kerry Young's contribution, set in the tone of her book - The Art of Youth Work. Its inspiring stuff!! I also liked Tony Jeffs and Mark Smith's chapter on financing YCD work. With the debates about ethical funding, it makes a good read. All in all, well worth buying.

  • Chapters
    Ethics and the Youth Worker
    Ethics in an Age of Austerity
    Professional Ethics, Accountability and the Organisational Context of Youth Work
    Resourcing Youth Work: Dirty Hands and Tainted Money
    The Youth Worker as Guide, Philosopher and Friend: The Realities of Participation and Empowerment
    Youth Workers as Controllers: Issues of Method and Purpose
    The Youth Worker as Converter: Ethical Issues in Religious Youth Work
    Youth Workers as Mediators and Interpreters: Ethical Issues in Youth Work with Black Young People
    The Youth Worker as Confident: Ethical Issues of Welfare and Trust
    Rights Based Approaches to Work with Young People
    Young People as Researchers: Ethical Issues in Participatory Research

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