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What is Student Youth Work Online?

Jason Wood, Editor

Student Youth Work Online is an online companion for everyone studying or working in the field of youth and community work. It offers users the opportunity to read and share essays and articles on some of the key aspects of youth work study. We encourage people to submit their work to our site, where it is published and accessed by a global readership. In turn, readers use these essays to gain insight into subjects ranging from applied social sciences to the history of youth and community work.

Complementing this theory resource is a lively practice magazine, bringing news and views from the practical world of youth and community work. Each month, SYWO crams in interviews with people in the field, seeking their views on their work and the wider context in which they affect change. Again, we rely totally on users providing us with stories and welcome any contributions.

Our talk boards have been designed for people to share their views in an open forum. Ask questions, seek support or guide others - please feel free to use the forums however you see fit.

If you would like further information about this project, please contact me in the UK on 07904 554 538 or email me: I look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Wood