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This section includes essays, articles and comment by contributors


Oldham & Asian Youth

Shahid Ashrif offers an extensive examination into the Oldham uprisings including analysis and references.

Focus on the BNP

Jason Wood profiles the far right group who have capitalized on the recent uprisings in Oldham and suggests one way of bringing the issue into practice.


Other essays can be found in the Theory section

The Need for a Black Perspective

Extract from Carlton Howson's plenary to health workers at a conference in Leicester

Beyond Islamophobia

Shahid Ashrif looks at the history and development of Islamophobia and offers an alternative perspective.

What we should teach young people about racism

How should educators in formal environments teach about racism? Shahid Ashrif's article explores the topic, giving recommendations. Includes an extensive reference list.

Three Perspectives of 'Race' and Racism in Britain

A model by Shahid Ashrif that summarises three key schools of thought about race; Assimilation, Multi-Cultural & Anti-Racist.

The Myth of Equality

An introductory examination of psychological struggle in two concepts: whiteness, and Black double consciousness by Jason Wood

Social Policy & Asylum Seekers

Jay Patel explores the social issues relating to asylum seekers in the UK, and how social policy deals with this.

A Critical Introduction to Citizenship

Jason Wood explores the idea of citizenship, tracing its origins and political thoughts to conclude that it is a tool for control.



Current Affairs Commentary from Shahid Ashrif & Jason Wood plus News from Everywhere with Rhys Evans.

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