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Education in Youth Work

Education for Life Jason Wood argues that education is the primary function of youth work practice and it helps to be reminded of that from time to time.

Education is Youth Work Jay Patel examines the historical development of education in youth work, and critiques much of the youth service's "equality" focused history.

Youth Workers as Professionals? Is is important for youth and community workers to be recognised as members of a profession? Sean Harte searches for the answer.  

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Oppression & Anti-Oppressive Practice

Agents of Surveillance Jason Wood looks at oppression theory in three areas to discuss how we should focus on the holistic nature of anti-oppressive practice.

Anti-Oppressive Practice Case Study Jay Patel looks at practice in order to examine how youth and community work can tackle wider inequalities, other than the challenging the more obvious occurrences.  

Promoting Homophobia? Jason Wood explores the dilemma for practitioners brought about by oppressive legislation and weak social policy in terms of young people and sexuality.  

Questioning Anti-Oppressive Practice Shahid Ashrif asks a few thought-provoking questions about how much workers should be willing to do in their 'anti-oppressive practice'. Is it down to the 'awareness' or 'action'?

The Myth of Equality What relevance does struggle have to every day youth and community work? Jason Wood introduces the critical element of struggle in understanding anti-racist practice.  

A new section on the site that offers new essays, articles and information for developing an anti-racist approach to youth and community work. With contributions from Shahid Ashrif. 

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Groupwork Theory

Groups - the theory and the practice Sean Harte examines the link between group theory and practice.  

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Social Sciences & Social Policy

Asylum Seekers & Social Policy  A personal examination of Social Policy questions surrounding asylum seekers by Jay Patel..  

Mental Health & Volunteering: A Case-Study  Christine Bellairs explores the work of Stamford Volunteer Bureau, including the impacts of current social policy, NHS developments and funding.  

The Science Behind Youth Work Jay Patel uses psychological and sociological perspectives to explore the oppression she experiences in the Indian caste system. 

The Change Agent in Conflict How does social science contribute to the debate about control over lives and mastery over destiny? Jason Wood examines a relevant quotation and critiques empowerment. 

The Social Influence of Gender  An essay that discusses the overt and covert ways in which gender-based behaviour is learnt and reinforced in society. Sean Harte explores key social science concepts. 

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Community Work

Community Work: Liberation or Control?  Sean Harte discusses the historical definitions of community work and looks at the ideologies that underpin liberation and social control.  

An Agenda for Action  A dream for setting up a youth council in a community where young people are largely ignored, this is Jason Wood's agenda for challenging the cycle of social exclusion..  

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